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JordiMarti.tech an exceptional company offering comprehensive IT consulting and top-notch software development services. 💻🌟😎

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JIRA Service Manager Implementation

Implementation of Jira Service Manager to optimize service management and enhance customer support efficiency through custom workflows and collaborative to...


Sleek CRM app that boosts customer management through intuitive design and powerful features, facilitating seamless communication and informed decision-mak...

Marketing digital

Project to improve operational processes in digital marketing, focused on optimizing planning, execution, and analysis of campaigns. The aim is to implemen...

Developing software can be quite tricky with all the components, changing requirements and project challenges.

These are some of the problems you will face when developing software.

Navigating Team Selection Challenges
Inexperienced companies may struggle to form effective, on-budget, on-time teams.
Technology Stack Selection
Choosing the right technology stack for development may be daunting for a company unfamiliar with the latest tools and frameworks.
Quality Assurance Challenges
Ensuring the quality of the software, including testing and debugging, can be a significant hurdle without established QA processes.
No Seasoned Developers on Board
Building custom software becomes a hurdle without experienced in-house developers.
Scope Creep Impact
Approximately 70% of software projects face scope creep, leading to extended timelines and increased costs.
Project Management Complexity
Managing a software development project requires specific skills, and a lack of experience may result in project delays or scope creep.
Lack of User Involvement
Over 40% of projects suffer from insufficient user involvement, resulting in products that may not meet end-users’ needs
Missed Deadlines
Around 30% of software projects miss their deadlines, causing delays in product delivery and market entry.

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Transform Chaotic Development into an agile and Value-Centric Software Delivery Engine.

We assist in crafting software that effectively converts and delivers results.

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Our TechStack

We do not limit ourselves to a particular technology stack and are constantly seeking the appropriate tool for each project. Nonetheless, we have a strong affinity for certain technologies, such as Angular, SpringBoot, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, and Microservices.









Spring Boot


Our unique value proposition

Quality Assurance

We believe in deliver high quality software. We are committed to user satisfaction and keeping low long term maintenance costs.

User-centric Design

Prioritizing user experience to create software that not only functions flawlessly but also delights end-users.

Security expertise

Robust security measures integrated into every layer of development, safeguarding your data and user information.

Agile Collaboration

The key for innovation and success in software development

Agile Delivery

The world changes fast.We need to quickly respond to changes, Inspect and adapt is a must

Design thinking expertise

We prioritize your users, ensuring our designs are intuitive, enjoyable, and meet their needs seamlessly.

Inspect and adapt

Constant evaluation and adjustment ensure the final product meets customer needs effectively.

Our Services


From concept to launch: Get end-to-end software development solutions with our full service package. We develop custom, highly complex and innovative applications thorough our extensive process

Business Analysis

Quality requirements gathering







Software Development Plans

Plan 1: Freelance

Ideal for individual freelancers or small teams.

Plan 2: Small-Medium Enterprise

Geared towards small and medium-sized businesses.

Plan 3: Big Companies

Designed for large corporations and enterprises.

Our experienced tech innovation consulting services provide businesses with solutions to solve critical enterprise challenges. We deal with:

Business Intelligence

Cloud architectures


Solutions: Chat gtp integrations

Integrations & Interoperability

Agile Coaching

IT Service Management


ETL & Data Crunching

Software Architecture Design

Strategy and Consulting plans

Plan 1: Freelance

Ideal for individual freelancers or small teams.

Plan 2: Small-Medium Enterprise

Geared towards small and medium-sized businesses.

Plan 3: Big Companies

Designed for large corporations and enterprises.

Managed IT services and cloud, hosting, security, and business continuity solutions. Our expert team offers proactive maintenance and strategic planning to optimize your IT infrastructure, enabling you to concentrate on core business objectives.

Managed CRM solutions

Managed CMS Solutions

Managed Cloud

Managed Agile Development

IT Managed Plans

IT Personalized Consulting

Ideal para empresas que buscan soluciones de IT a medida que se adapten específicamente a sus necesidades operativas y de negocio.

Managed CRM

Ideal for organizations that doesn't want to manage its crms

Managed CMS

Managed CMS

Services for everyone

Everybody its own service


Large Corporations




Our Mission

Our mission is to produce software for customers who want to meet high quality standards and to accompany them in the realisation of their product vision.

Our Principles

Commitment, high quality and user centricity are our principles.

Our Values

Trust, transparency, alignment, respect for people and continuous improvement are our core values


We strive to create the most productive and efficient ecosystem for software developers.

What our customers say

The team have proven to be excellent professional, goal-oriented and involved in the projects assigned to them. Thank you, for your outstanding work and dedication to excellence!

J. Moreno

CEO Investel

This team has the ability to resolve any situation, no matter how technically complex it may be, but also to promote good practices in development teams and manage the change towards agile methods.Guarantee of results.

J. Comas


Their ability to understand our business needs and deliver a tailored solution is remarkable. Their passion for what they do shows in the quality of their work.We highly recommend jordimarti.tech to anyone seeking top-notch software development services.

A. Sierra

CDO Seresco

They delivered exceptional software solutions for our business needs with professionalism and expertise.Their attention to detail and dedication to excellence is truly commendable. Highly recommend!

Alejandro B.

CEO Mi Casilla

Where we operate

Girona - Spain
Barcelona - Spain
Karlsruhe - Germany
London - UK

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